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If you want to learn to skydive on your own—without an instructor—you'll want to take advantage of an accelerated freefall training course. Accelerated freefall, or AFF, is widely regarded as the safest and most up-to-date skydiving training program available, which is why people all over the world continue to use AFF to qualify for solo skydives. You have 30 days to complete each step in the program, so if you need increased scheduling flexibility, you can become certified in Fresno over the course of a few weeks or months. Qualifying usually requires about 7-8 instructor lead jumps, so if you'd rather complete the program quickly you can do it in just a few weekends!

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Most people who choose this method are only interested in the first level, just to experience skydiving without a tandem partner. However – If you wish to become fully certified, you will need to complete seven levels of training. For each level, you'll do some preparation on the ground and then complete a single skydive. Each consecutive jump requires a different maneuver, so by the time you're finished you'll be a competent skydiver. And don't worry – There will always be skydiving instructors nearby, whether you're on the ground or in the air.

In addition to accompanying you during your in-air practice sessions, your Fresno area skydiving instructors will be filming each of your jumps and maneuvers. Once you land, you'll review the jump and the video with your instructor and discuss what went well and what still needs work. Once you have finished the training and gained your skydiving certification, you'll be given these videos so that you can review them whenever you feel necessary.

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Throughout the entire skydiving training process, you'll be accompanied by expert skydiving instructors from the Fresno area. They'll be friendly and fun, but their main focus will be on safety and proficiency. Occasionally people will need to retake one or two levels in order to master the skill – you don't want to move on to the next step until you're ready! Depending on your training location, you may also be able to practice your maneuvers in a vertical wind tunnel between jumps. This will give you a feel for how to move when you're in the air.

Several other training features are designed especially for students. In-helmet radios will keep you in contact with your instructors even as you're falling, so your Revolution Skydiving Fresno network instructor will be able to provide guidance and landing instructions. Your parachute will also be a little different from the typical parachute – In addition to the main chute and reserve chute found on all modern packs, student chutes are equipped with an Automatic Activation Device or AAD, which will deploy your parachute automatically once you reach a certain altitude, if you haven't already deployed the chute yourself.

Your first solo jump is intense. You will likely spend a day on the ground with your instructors, and complete your first jump the next morning. After the first jump, you'll feel more confident about your abilities. Most Fresno students breeze through the remaining levels fairly quickly. How quickly you complete the Fresno skydiving course depends on your comfort and proficiency, as well as environmental factors such as weather conditions and the availability of aircraft. Discussing your plans with us in advance will help the entire process go smoothly.

Fresno Skydiving School Levels

1 This will be your first time skydiving in Fresno, California without a tandem partner. It's an incredible experience, and the first step to becoming a fully certified skydiver. You'll spend the first day on the ground with your Fresno skydiving instructors, who will provide comprehensive training of the basics: Equipment procedures, body positioning, and canopy deployment and control. Throughout the training, safety is the first priority. Your skydiving instructors will make sure you're ready to go before you make your first jump.

The next morning, it’s time. This first skydive will start at roughly 14,000 feet. You will be accompanied by two Fresno area skydiving instructors who will physically guide you during freefall. Once you deploy your parachute, you will communicate with your instructors via in-helmet radios, but during freefall you will communicate by means of hand signals. After a safe landing, you'll review the video of your jump and your skydiving instructors will talk to you about it. If everything went well, you'll be ready to move on to Level 2.

2 Level 2 is very similar to Level 1, except that one of your skydiving instructors may disengage for a period of time during freefall. You'll still be guided by the other instructor, but you'll be one step closer to doing it completely on your own! After you land, you'll review the video with your instructors and, if they feel you're ready, you'll move on to Level 3.

3 This is it – In Level 3 both instructors will let go and you'll freefall without any physical guidance at all. The skydiving instructors will stay nearby to make sure you are able to maintain control. As before, once you land you'll review the video and your skydiving instructors will determine if you're ready to progress to Level 4.

4 It's time to start doing more complex maneuvers during freefall. You'll no longer need two instructors, so only one will accompany you for this jump. As you fall, you'll practice making 90-degree turns in the air. After you land and review the video, your instructor will decide if you're ready to move to the next level.

5 Level 5 is just like Level 4, except instead of 90-degree turns you'll be practicing full 360-degree turns. After you land, it's the same drill as before: Get feedback from your skydiving instructors and, if you're ready, move on to Level 6.

6 Now that you've mastered the basics, it's time to move on to more complex maneuvers. On this jump, you'll be performing an in-air somersault called a "front loop", as well as a maneuver called "tracking," which allows you to cover distance more quickly during freefall. If the instructors are satisfied with your performance after reviewing the video, you'll be ready for Level 7.

7 Level 7 is the culmination of your skydiving training experience in Fresno, California. Your skydiving instructor will be nearby, but you'll freefall solo and perform each of the skills you've learned so far: Turning 360 degrees in both directions, performing a front loop, and tracking. Once you land, you'll review the video with your skydiving instructor. If he thinks you're ready… That's it! You are now a fully qualified skydiver!


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