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Tandem Skydiving in Fresno

Tandem Skydiving

If you're wanting to experience the breathtaking thrills of skydiving for the very first time, tandem skydiving is what we would recommend for you! Join us here at Skydiving Fresno for the most incredible ways to experience the thrills and excitement of complete freefall skydiving over California. It's time to board the airplane for the ride up to 2.5 miles for an experience that is unforgettable!

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Fresno Skydiving School

Fresno Skydiving School

Want to take your skydiving adventures to the next level? Whether your goal is to be able to skydive solo, or you're interested in a career as a skydiving instructor, Skydiving Fresno can help you attain your high-flying goals!

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Fresno Skydiving Gift Certificates

Tandem Gift Cards

Great for a gift for any occasion, Skydiving Fresno Gift Certificates can be ordered as a tandem jump, an advanced course or one of the awesome Fresno Skydiving packages that we offer. Gift Cards are valid for 2 years from your purchase date and are fully transferable which means that the receiver can always pass it along!

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Skydiving Video Packages Fresno

Fresno Skydive Video

Show off your skydiving memories together with family and friends with a custom-made skydiving video! Select from popular skydiving video options featuring first-person perspective cameras, a fast-paced, professionally-produced soundtrack, and pre-formatted videos that you can upload to your social media sites right after your jump.

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Come experience the unparalleled freedom and thrills of freefalling above the beautiful surroundings over Fresno! Our team of skydiving experts will help you pick the perfect skydiving school for your first, or next, skydiving adventure! We are dedicated to delivering you with the best skydiving experiences and training courses at the best possible rates. Call us today to make your ambitions take flight!

Tandem Skydiving or Accelerated Freefall: Which One to Choose?

The choice to jump from an airplane thousands of feet above the ground is not one that you'll make lightly. If you're a normal person you'll find yourself imagining the different scenarios of a jump and asking yourself if you're even in your right mind at all. But we live in a society of daredevils, and nothing in life is as amazing as experiencing the anticipation of danger with the safety net of modern innovation and experienced skydivers. So you've made up your mind to try tandem skydiving or AFF (Accelerated Freefall). Which one do you choose?

Tandem Skydiving

You've wanted to give this a try your whole life, or as long as you can remember, but you just can't seem to muster up the courage to give it a go alone. That's okay. If you're determined to skydive, but you're not interested in learning how to skydive by yourself, you can tandem skydive.

Tandem skydiving provides the same sensation of falling from the sky without the worry of handling everything by yourself. Instead of flying alone, you're harnessed to a highly-trained instructor with safety at the forefront. Now, while you won't go through the kind of instruction you can expect with our AFF course, there is some coaching involved. You'll learn the fundamentals of safety procedures and on the best ways to safely tandem jump with the instructor to avoid putting yourself or the instructor in danger. Tandem skydiving is the best choice for those who want the experience of free falling minus the responsibility and extensive training.

Information About Accelerated Freefall Training

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is what most individuals imagine when they think of skydiving. You are high above the Earth, weightless and without tethers. The wind whips around your body and the exhilaration almost takes your breath away.

We want you completely ready and confident to make the jump, and we do whatever it takes to get you to that point. There is no pressure to finish the program in a specified time frame. In step one you will discover the basics of the Accelerated Freefall Program, and also undergo extensive training on:

  • how to jump from the airplane properly
  • how you can release the parachute
  • how to deploy the emergency reserve chute and critical thinking in a stressed environment
  • ways to freefall and control body movements while falling from the sky

If you're determined to learn, but feel as though you're not 100% ready and need more assistance with A, B, or C, you can keep working until you are proficient. If you go through the course, and still don't believe that you're prepared, or feel like bailing. That's okay, also. Don't feel bad if you 'd rather do the tandem jump. Once you've properly completed the program, you'll become an official licensed professional skydiver. You can then share your certificate with family and friends, and feel proud in your accomplishment as it was no easy task. Because let's face it, not everyone can muster up the nerve to carry out what you've just achieved.

The Final Choice

No matter what your choice, once landing, you can feel free to pat yourself on the back, and rejoice in your accomplishment. In addition to amazing memories, you can consider yourself an official skydiver. With AFF or Tandem you will soon come to recognize you're part of the skydiving family-- a bunch of adventure seekers just like yourself. To find out more regarding our comprehensive AFF program, or to get started on a tandem dive, contact us to book the adventure of a lifetime today!

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