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The California sky is calling you! If your dream has always been to race through the clouds, take the first step and call Revolution Skydiving Fresno today!


Looking for the Best Skydiving in Fresno, California and the surrounding area?

At Revolution Skydiving Fresno, our skydivers are very important to us. We know that you want your skydiving experience to be safe, exciting and unforgettable. Call us at 1-855-445-8980 today to choose the skydive of your dreams!


Are you ready to experience the heart-pounding exhilaration of your first skydive in Fresno or the surrounding area? You'll never forget the rush… And when it's over,you'll want to do it again! Skydiving is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Most people are a little nervous about their first time, but don't worry – An experienced skydiving professional will be with you from the moment you step out of the plane to the moment your feet touch the California soil. You'll be the envy of your friends when you tell them all about it. Our highly-trained customer service staff is available seven days a week to book your first skydive in Fresno!


Our vendors provide photo and video services, so you'll be able to relive the excitement of your skydiving experience over Fresno as many times as you like! Whether you put your photos in an album or you post them on Facebook, you’ll look back and smile as you remember the feeling of jumping out of an airplane. You will relive the rush of free-falling towards the earth, and the moment when the chute deployed, allowing you to drift more slowly and really enjoy the view! Check out some amazing photos from other jumps here! Make sure to ask your Revolution Skydiving Fresno expert about photo and video packages!


We have highly-trained, experienced customer service representatives standing by to take your call. The knowledgeable staff at our Fresno skydiving center will help you every step of the way, from making a reservation to answering any questions you have. And rest assured, our vendors only use high-quality equipment that's been properly maintained and triple-checked for your safety. You'll love working with our skydiving team to schedule the most intense and memorable outdoor adventures available today! Call Revolution Skydiving Fresno now at 1-855-445-8980 to speak to a skydiving representative.

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